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July 08, 2022

SPARQ Launches Boston's First Ever Subscription Car Servicing Program

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Daniel Nieh, the founder of SPARQ, is a serial entrepreneur who has recently developed a firearm safety technology capable of preventing at least 83 percent of mass shootings in the US. He is now onto his next new big venture, SPARQ, whose mission is to eradicate deceptive auto mechanic establishments across the world.

Imagine dropping your car off and servicing it next to your downtown office while you work without ever worrying about dealing with untrustworthy mechanics or being around an unpleasant environment surrounded by pools of engine oil, heavy machineries, and noises - that’s SPARQ.

In addition, SPARQ is certified by the original manufacturer to perform services on your vehicle with certified technicians and genuine (OEM) parts. Any work performed by them is backed by warranties.

Transparency is the core brand value at SPARQ. To combat deceitful tactics used by mechanic shops, they’re offering every user a free SPARQ Diagnostics device (OBD-II) when they sign up. The device allows users to connect their phones and access their vehicle’s health condition whenever they need it, which normally costs hundreds of dollars when performed at service centers. 

SPARQ’s proprietary technology integrations put them at the forefront of car servicing, which allows them to perform 5x more efficiently than any existing mechanic shops on the market. Utilizing its predictive algorithms, a system developed by SPARQ, it can accurately predicts when your car needs to be serviced. It does so by gathering information on the vehicle’s behavior. A full service that normally takes more than five hours to complete can now be reduced down to an hour with SPARQ’s integrated technology. Car owners will no longer have to wait for hours, if not days, to get their vehicle fully serviced. 

“SPARQ aims to provide a frictionless car servicing experience as simple and intuitive as grabbing a cup of coffee,” said Daniel Nieh. “At the end of the day, every car owner’s desire is to have a mechanic they trust anywhere they go, and SPARQ provides that.”


SPARQ is on the mission to prevent car owners from overpaying for their services and repairs. They’re disrupting the car servicing industry by being the pioneer to make car servicing subscription-based with its own facilities, SPARQ Labs, to operate the services. 

By Summer of 2023, SPARQ will introduce this new concept to Boston by launching four SPARQ Labs located at Back Bay, Seaport, Financial District, and Kendall Square. With Labs located around the City of Boston, car owners can finally integrate their car servicing needs into their routine. 

By 2025, SPARQ will expand its services to car owners nationwide by launching its Labs in 50 other major cities across the country. 

Early adopters of SPARQ will receive a full year of free maintenance and other perks if among the first 6,000 to sign-up. For an annual fee of $1,500, members receive a complimentary car wash every time they visit a SPARQ Lab, free annual inspection, nationwide access, and unlimited on-site diagnostics, all included in the membership.

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