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December 22, 2022

SPARQ is the “MoviePass” for Car Servicing, Except it Works

Automobile maintenance is one of those obligatory but unpleasant experiences car owners face. Many people put off getting their cars serviced until it is absolutely necessary, and when they do, they frequently feel taken advantage of by the mechanic.

What if people could subscribe to a service that handled their auto repairs so they never had to worry about hidden fees or misleading upcharges? Daniel Nieh, a 3x Founder from Boston, asked himself this question and decided to take action.

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As a result, a new tech company called SPARQ is disrupting the auto repair industry by eliminating the things customers despise most about traditional mechanic shops: the lack of transparency, accessibility, efficiency, and convenience.

The Problem

Automobile service centers are notorious for overcharging their customers. On a national scale, a typical markup for parts is 80%, and the markup for labor accounts for an additional 80%. Within the next five years, SPARQ's global plan aims to end the fraudulent manipulation of the current auto service industry.

The Solution

SPARQ aims to provide an auto repair membership that includes access to a nationwide network, free labor services 365 days a year, and great discounts on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. On average, customers can expect 58% savings on auto upkeep expenses. SPARQ's goal is to give its members a simple and convenient way to maintain their vehicles without being imposed

To better serve its customers, SPARQ plans to build and manage its own network of auto repair shops, which are called SPARQ Labs. The central locations of the labs in major US cities will help members easily incorporate transportation into their daily routines. Moreover, with SPARQ's diagnostic tool and its app, car owners can always keep tabs on their vehicle's condition.

The Benefits

Those who make the switch can expect their annual vehicle maintenance costs to drop by 58%. The first 6,000 people to sign up for SPARQ will get free maintenance and other perks for a year with parts included. Members can access unlimited on-site diagnostics, a free annual inspection, and a free car wash at any SPARQ Lab they visit for only $1500 per year.

Daniel aims to have SPARQ Labs accessible in every US city by 2025. As the company grows, users can expect more benefits that will make getting their cars serviced more advantageous and cost-saving.


This is a huge advantage for people who have been deprioritizing car maintenance on their budget lists. With SPARQ, they can set aside a budget each year for car maintenance and not have to worry about getting a big bill out of the blue.

SPARQ is also a great option for individuals who are constantly on the move and have no time to take their vehicle in for service. With the membership, they can leave their car at any SPARQ Lab and know that the skilled staff will take good care of it.

SPARQ's convenience and affordability have led analysts to describe it as "the MoviePass for car maintenance." The tech startup has a clear plan to change how people get their cars serviced, which is something that the other aforementioned failed startup didn't have.

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